Chloe Black

Black, Chloe

Growing up in Peterborough, Chloe played many sports – hockey, rowing, running and baseball, but nothing caught her attention or her passion like cycling. Chloe was a high performance road…

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Milton G. Walker

Milton Walker, born 1875 in Hope Township, was the proprietor of the Peterborough Bicycle Works and an expert bicycle machinist.  He was the best local cyclist of the 1890s   He…

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William R. (Bill) Greatrix

Bill Greatrix was the top local cyclist during the 1880s and 90s when cycling was all the rage. After four electric lights were installed on the PAAA Grounds, bicycling became…

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Henry Calcutt

Henry Calcutt was involved in virtually every Peterborough sporting activity in the last half of the 19th century. He was a prominent local cricketeer in the 1860’s who believed in…

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