Induction Criteria


Election is restricted to Athletes and Builders of sport having direct connection to the County or City of Peterborough. Only individuals are considered.

Number of Inductees Elected Annually

Number of inductees elected annually is determined by a Board of Directors.


Athletes to be considered, must have reached the age of 35 and must have been outstanding in their athletic field of endeavour, or have been proficient in a number of sports, over an extended period of time (at least 5 years), in competition against peer athletes. This involves competing at levels from local to national, as well as those who enter pro sports. Athletes must be retired from active participation in the sport(s) for which they are nominated for a period of not less than three (3) years or if still active, have attained the age of fifty (50).


Builders include officials (referees, umpires, etc.) sponsors, executives, trainers, coaches and administrators – to include those whose work for sport over an extended period of time has been outstanding. Work over a sustained period of time must have been of a consistently high level, with respect to services provided or results achieved – whether in organization of leagues or facilities, coaching teams or individuals, keeping a league active or providing services of a consistently high level. Builders shall be eligible at any time.


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