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Edgerton (E.J.) Hartley

Edgerton “Edge” Hartley was born in1860 and grew up in Peterborough playing the sports of the day, including cricket.  He spent all of his winter spare time skating on Little Lake or at the Ashburnham rink. In the mid-1880s, after winning medals for fancy skating at carnivals in Peterborough, Port Hope and Campbellford, Hartley was giving fancy skating exhibitions throughout Ontario and winning competitions in both figure skating and speed skating. When he won the Dufferin Cup, he was considered by many observers of the day as the unofficial Canadian Champion speed skater.  A local wag wrote a poem about ” Edge” in 1896 – “Since Hartley came to town, no one here can skate, none will do the Dutch roll, or try the figure eight, the flat iron or the eagle, the scissors or the grape, we only feel like gazing, at him with mouths agape.”  Edgerton Hartley died in 1925 and is buried in Little Lake Cemetery .