Maggie (Deas/Mamuza) Roys

Growing up in Hamilton, Maggie was a champion in many sports – volleyball, bowling, tennis, softball, diving and swimming. She competed at the 1956 Olympic swimming trials, losing out to…

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Jean R. Montgomery

Jean Montgomery

Jean’s interest in tennis and badminton manifested itself at an early age and over a 60 year span she showed exceptional leadership as a teacher and participant. Born in 1919…

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Maurice M. Charlton (Sopha)

Maurice Charlton

Maurice Charlton was one of the best tennis and badminton players ever to come out of Peterborough, the Liftlock City. In the early 1940s she began playing tennis at the…

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Joan (Dunk) Smith

Joan Smith

Pick a sport, any sport, and Joan (Dunk) Smith has either played it or knows something about it. She is the prototype all-round athlete. Joan has played (and well) basketball,…

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