Jeff Purvey

Christened Geoffrey Henry Burns Purvey, this benevolent benefactor of many sports in Peterborough and district became known simply as Jeff. Born above a fish store in Toronto, in 1922, Jeff never got very far away from the restaurant business. Following six years in the army during World War II, he went into business in Toronto,…

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Fred Scates

Freddy Scates was born in Peterborough and spent his entire life here, a gentle soul about whom it was often said that he didn’t have an enemy in the world. He always had a friendly smile and humorous attitude. Almost all of Freddy’s life was involved with sport — as a baseball and softball pitcher…

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Louis Yeotes

A newspaper headline once accurately proclaimed Louis Yeotes as “A Man Who Likes People.” Over the more than 70 years he lived in Peterborough, Louis donated to almost every league which operated sports teams, most notably baseball, soccer and hockey. He purchased equipment for struggling teams throughout the Depression (1930s) when it was virtually impossible…

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