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The Return of the Hall of Fame 2023 Levee!

With over 90 people in attendance, the Annual Christmas Levee / Holiday Festive Social was back last night after a pandemic hiatus!

The event, held at the Peterborough & District Sports Hall of Fame, brings inductees, Hall supporters and volunteers together for a night of celebration, camaraderie while also allowing guests to see the newest of displays.

Catered by Tracy Ormond and her team at “That’s a Wrap”, guests were able to mix and mingle while enjoying the delicious treats. Another great presentation! Thanks Tracey!

Another big thank you goes to Sally Graham, (Inductee 1985), for her work in once again undertaking the coordination this event. Well done!

New to this year’s party was a lucky draw, providing Steve Self with Toronto Maple Leafs tickets, (Donated by Dan McWilliams), Paul Elliott with a Petes Flex Pack, (Donated by Peter Pearson), K. Young with a Petes Flex Pack (Donated by Peter Pearson), and Kim Delahey with a George Elliott Sweatshirt (Donated by the Hall of Fame). Thank you to our generous donors!

The rest of the evening will be told in photos!