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Jake Withers Visits the Hall of Fame

Jake Withers dropped in to the Hall of Fame to kindly pose with his 2023 World Field Lacrosse Silver medal and sweater prior to his Lakers game on Sunday.

The championships, held in San Diego, California, took place over an 11 day period in June/July. There were 107 games played in the tournament before the US defeated Canada 10-7 in front of a crowd of 15,112 fans! A record-setting 190 countries heard broadcasts of the games.

Congratulations to Jake, Zach Currier and their Team Canada teammates on their silver medal achievement!

It is also noteworthy that Peterborough Lakers players Thomas Hoggarth, Eli McLaughlin and Blake McDonald playing for Team Haudenosaunee captured the Bronze Medal.

Thanks for taking the time to come into the Hall Jake, and for allowing us to display your sweater and medal for your fans to enjoy!