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Bronson and Rochetta Recognized for Volunteerism and Leadership

Retired Major Lee-Anne Quinn made a surprise visit to the Peterborough & District Sports Hall of Fame this morning to present both Patricia Bronson and Paul Rochetta with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pins and commemorative certificates. This to recognize their dedication, long-time volunteerism and leadership provided to the Hall of Fame.

“As a veteran, I get the opportunity to do something really special, and this morning is one of those days! After the Queen’s Jubilee medal had been awarded to military personnel, veterans have the opportunity to apply to Ottawa through our MP Michelle Ferrari to nominate special individuals to receive the Queen’s Jubilee Pin and certificate. I was really pleased when my request was accepted. Now that the Queen has departed us, this actually has more special meaning.”

In her presentation, Quinn stated that “I couldn’t be more thrilled than to call both Paul Rochetta and Pat Bronson for their unwavering volunteerism, expertise, giving guidance to the rest of the individuals that are new to learn all about the Hall of Fame. It is quite a phenomenon what is done here and what this Hall looks like, and it only looks like that because of its leaders.”

Congratulations to both Chair Pat and Secretary/Treasurer Paul for this very well deserved recognition!