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Doug Miller

Remembering ‘bowling great’ Doug Miller

Condolences to family, friends and teammates of Doug Miller who passed away March 4th 2021 at the age of 93.

Mr. Miller was inducted into the Peterborough & District Sports Hall of Fame in 2008 for his outstanding achievements in lacrosse, hockey, boxing and as an athlete and builder in the sport of bowling. His contributions as an administrator and fundraiser for bowling came second only to the influence he had on the development of the rules that now govern the sport. He has left a lasting legacy at the provincial and national levels!

The following is an excerpt from Doug Miller’s induction biography:

Born in Peterborough in 1927, Doug played lacrosse, hockey, boxing and bowling. He played minor, Intermediate and Senior B lacrosse in Peterborough and in 1949 played for the Toledo Ohio Seltzers and with the Windsor Webster Motors in 1951 in the Canadian-American Lacrosse League. He coached the Peterborough Juvenile B Lacrosse team to a Provincial Championship in 1952. He was the Owner/President of the 1958-59 Whitby Junior Lacrosse team.

It was in the sport of bowling that Doug Miller made the most impact. He has made a significant contribution to the development of bowling in Ontario and across Canada. He was a builder, administrator and fundraiser for the sport. His influence in developing the sport and the rules around the sport, at the provincial and national level, has left a lasting legacy to the sport of bowling across the country. He has been inducted into the Ontario 5 Pin Bowler’s Association Hall of Fame, Zone “K” YBC Bowling Hall of Fame and is the recipient of the Canadian Bowling Management Promotion Award. He developed nationally recognized programs for 5 Pin Bowling and the Youth Bowling Council was adopted by every Province in 1963. The YBC has had over two million children take part in the program along with thousands of coaches and volunteers. There is not a division in Bowling from Youth to Golden Age that Doug has not influenced.

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