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Inductees, the late Gerry Carey (represented by son Garry and family), Jan Magee, Maggie Roys, Gillian Stamp, Cory Stillman and Wayne Wells, enjoyed a wonderful induction night with family, friends and teammates. Congratulations and welcome to the Peterborough & District Sports Hall of Fame!

Inductees_Web Evinrude

Wayne Wells Display Tyler Calver Maggie Roys with Display Lionel Ownsworth Jan Magee Display Gus, Reg & Neil Gillian Stamp with Display Garry Carey with Display Don Ferguson & Maggie Roys

Dinner Catered by Red dog Cory Stillman with Display Chairman Don (Red) Wasson
Jan Magee and Pat Don Ferguson & Pat


Red, Terri Lynn and Don Wayne Wells & Pat Terri Lynn & RedPaul Clancy Reece Muir & Rich Cavanagh